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The General Release Agreement

Anyone who wishes to join the North Coast Men’s Chorus must agree to abide by its policies and acknowledge some important aspects about belonging to such an organization. When you arrive at your first rehearsal or when you sign up on this site, you will be asked to sign the agreement.

Release for the Use of Photographs

I hereby irrevocably grant the North Coast Men’s Chorus (NCMC), its successors and assigns, and/or its agents, permission to use photographs taken at NCMC concerts, rehearsals and other NCMC affiliated events for publicity and to share with our mailing lists. I also consent to the use of my own name in connection with such photographs. I release NCMC and its agents from any and all claims whatsoever relating to the use of such photographs for the purpose specified above.

Compliance for Upholding the Sexual Harrassment Policy

I agree to respect and uphold the NCMC Sexual Harassment Policy as well as all policies outlined in the NCMC Member Handbook. I realize that in this organization all members must feel safe & respected and that I will do my part to always uphold that.

Acknowledgment and Release

The applicant hereby acknowledges that they:

  1. Are aware that the NCMC presents itself to the public as a performing arts organization made up primarily of gay men.
  2. Have knowingly assumed the risk that third parties may infer that they are gay from their involvement with NCMC
  3. Understands that the NCMC has no control over and is not responsible for the actions of third parties who attend its public performances.

Accordingly, the undersigned knowingly and voluntarily waives any all claims against the NCMC, its officers, board members, agents and instrumentalists with respect to any and all actions by third parties that effect or may be deemed to effect a disclosure of his sexual orientation and/or perceived orientation

The North Coast Men's Chorus is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. P.O. Box 770664, Cleveland, OH  44107-0664
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